Dan Foreman is an experienced entrepreneur and leader.

Dan brings over 20 years of business experience. He specializes in emerging technologies and developing markets, having helped organizations grow from incubation to multi-million dollar revenues (and exits).

Dan began his career at WPP before progressing to senior client, advertising and consulting roles. These days Dan operates in investment, advisory and entrepreneurial positions, currently chairing or advising the boards of several data, technology, marketing, social media and research. He also personally invests in many early-stage businesses.

Dan is the Former President for ESOMAR (holding elected position of 100,000 professionals 2013-14, the first President under the age of 40), Founder of TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells, winner of the prestigious AMA “4 under 40” award, holder of the Disruptive Innovator MR Change Agent of the Year and a frequent guest lecturer at a number of business schools. He holds a BSc in Psychology and Mathematics from University of Leicester, UK.

Dan is able to tap into a wide network of people to help with different projects and ideas.


Dan Foreman is someone who is able to elevate the standing of research much beyond its traditional realm and into the strategic place that it should hold among investors, brands, technology leaders and the whole data-science ecosystem. Among hundreds of encounters with industry thought-leaders over the past years, I have not met a single person who so ably and persuasively pushes the boundaries of market research.

Nico Jaspers, CEO Dalia Research

Dan’s knowledge of business and people, his entrepreneurial vision and his engaging personality, makes it very easy for me to recommend and endorse him. He is highly respected within the industry and I have had the pleasure to work with him both as a client and as a colleague. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with, and learn from, Dan

Tim Robinson, Head of Business Intelligence, International Commercial Excellence – Baxter Healthcare

I’ve invited Dan to speak and chair on many occasions at international events and each time it has been a pleasure to work with him. Talented, thorough and dedicated – his professionalism and expertise shines on stage every time

Rhiannon Bryant, Senior Manager, Global Events – ESOMAR

Dan is the most connected businessman I know

Pravin Shekar, CEO – Krea